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"Farabi & Oversea" Exchange Programs

By Turkey Campus November 14, 2021

Farabi Exchange Program

Farabi Program is a local exchange program between the Turkish universities, which is a simulation of the program of the Erasmus and Molina, and application is through the university and the differentiation is based on scientific excellence between students and also desires, provided there is an agreement between the two universities.

Each university determines the financial value granted to the student, including the full amount of the scholarship, from which the student takes a monthly payment according to the following equation.

Full grant amount x 30 100 x Total student grades/grand total

Example: Annual Grant for the student is estimated at 3240 TL

The grant amount for the first semester is 1560 TL

1560 x 30 100 x 20 (student grades) 30 (grand total) = 312 TL given to student

The grant amount for the second semester is 1680 TL

1680 x 30 100 x 25 30 = 420 TL

Oversea Exchange Program

It is a formal program of student exchange between the Middle East Technical University and some international universities.

Students are entitled to study at one of the universities with which they agree for one semester or two semesters according to the academic year.

The student pays for his studies at his university in Turkey and is exempt from the expenses at the hosting university.

If a student is enrolled abroad as a visiting student without obtaining scientific degree, tuition fees will be paid at the host university as well.

Most of the programs offered are for undergraduate students and a few for post-bachelor degrees such as masters and doctorates.

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