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Mevlana Program

By Turkey Campus November 14, 2021

Mevlana Program

Mevlana Student exchange Program aims at exchanging students and academics among higher education institutions in Turkey and among the rest of the world. According to the law of August 23, 2011, students and academics studying in Turkish higher education institutions have the right to exchange with other universities around the world.

The program includes all the higher educational institutions in all countries of the world without exception or geographical boundaries. Higher educational institutions in Europe and other countries that benefit from the program of Erasmus are not entitled to benefit from the Mevlana program for student exchange.

A student can study one semester (at least) or two semesters (at most), and the academics can lecture for one week (at least) and three months (at most). Similarly, the foreign student can benefit from these advantages and study or lecture at a higher educational institution in Turkey for the same period.

Terms of application for Mevlana program for students:

  1. The student must be enrolled in one of the higher educational programs in Turkey as a bachelor, master or PhD student.
  2. The cumulative rate (GPA) of a bachelor student is 2.5 out of 4 during the year of submission.
  3. The cumulative rate (GPA) of a master's or doctoral student should not be less than 3 out of 4.
  4. The assessment is based on 50% of the cumulative rate and 50% of the foreign language degree.
  5. Students who are enrolled in the first or preparatory years shall not be eligible to apply until at least one semester has passed.

Monthly Grant:

  1. For the student coming to Turkey, one semester is calculated as four months and the two semesters are eight months and the student receives 750 TL per month.
  2.  For a student departing from Turkey, one semester is calculated as four months and the two semesters are eight months and the student receives 750, 850 or 950 tl per month according to the standard of living of the state. Example: United States of America, the monthly salary amount is 950 tl.

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