Altınbaş University

Altınbaş Holding is one of the mega clusters of firms in Turkey.

Its first academic year started in 2011. Back then, the university was called Kemerburgaz University. Since 2017, it has become Altınbaş University, and the university is affiliated with Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation.

About the university (its merits and majors):

  1. Altınbaş University is an accredited and official university in Turkey and affiliated with the Turkish Council of Higher Education, and thus accredited by Europe and many Arab countries.
  2. The university’s care about scientific research, helped the university to receive the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, TBİTAK.
  3. Having Hospitals of Medicine and Dentistry has been very helpful for its students—to learn and practice at the same time.
  4. Besides, the university has student exchange programs, and has partnerships with more than 50 companies which can create job opportunities for its students.

The university majors:

  1. Altınbaş University is one of the few universities in Turkey to have medical specialties taught in English: Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.
  2. 90% of its departments are taught in English, such as the departments of Engineering: Architecture, Interior Architecture, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Social Sciences departments such as: Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Business Administration, International Trade and others.
  4. The School of Law is taught in Turkish and English.

Most importantly, Altınbaş University has hospitals for Medicine and Dentistry and a strong academic staff. Thus, Masters and PhD programs are available in Medical specialties, not available in many universities, which are even taught in English, such as:

  1. Masters of Orthodontics, Periodontics Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Cosmetic Dentistry.
  2. D. degree in Periodontology in English, and Ph.D. degrees of Orthodontics, Pharmacology and Health Care Sciences in Turkish.

Masters and PhD programs are also available in Engineering and Social Sciences specialties such as:

  1. Master and PhD in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering.
  2. Master and PhD in Business Administration, Strategic Marketing, International Trade, Psychology, Law and others.

The university campuses:

Altınbaş University has three campuses. The three of them are almost in the center of Istanbul.

The main campus:

  1. It included the Faculties of Engineering, the Institute of Science for Graduate Studies, and the Higher Institute. They are all located in the Mahmut Bey area in bağcılar, on the European side.
  2. There are two metro stations next to the university: Mahmut Bey metro station and Istoç metro station.
  3. Rental prices in this area, next to the university, for a two-room apartment and a hall start from 2,500 Liras.
  4. It is easy for you to live in neighboring areas somewhat cheaper, such as Göztepe or Demirkapı, and the prices there start from 1,200 Liras also for a two-room apartment.

The second campus:

  1. The second campus is Kampüs çayırtepe in şişli or Pektaş, as you can say, it is almost in between them.
  2. This campus includes the Schools of Economics and Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Administration, Law, Fine Arts and Design, as well as the Institute of Social Sciences for Postgraduate Studies.
  3. This area is considered a tourist destination as it is close to significant tourist attractions.
  4. The university is very close to metro and metrobus stations like çayırtepe station and Levent station.
  5. Rental prices for a two-room apartment and hall start from 2500 Liras. But, you can also live in areas close to the university, such as Gülbahar, Macidi Köy, Kuştepe and Izzat Paşa. You will find the rental prices there start from 1,800 Liras for a two-room apartment.

The third campus:

  1. The third campus is Bakirkoy. It includes the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and the Institute of Health Sciences for postgraduate studies.
  2. Bakirkoy area is considered a very vital area in transportation; you will find there the metro and the metrobus.
  3. Prices start from 1,500 Liras for a two-room apartment and you will have many options there. But, let me explain how the area is; the metrobus line divides the area towards the university. Also, you will find the Bakirkoy and Atakoy areas, and the rental prices there start from 3000 Liras for the apartment.
  4. On the other side of the Bahçelievler, and Şirinevler regions, you will find half of the price literally for the same options.

The cost of study and living:

The tuition fees at Altınbaş University for 2020 academic year start from:

  1. $8,500 for Engineering specialties and Social Sciences
  2. And the fees reach for Medical specialists, as follow: $15,000 for Pharmacy, $20,000 for Dentistry, and $25,000 for Medicine.
  3. Masters and PhD degrees start from $ 6,900 for Social Sciences and Engineering specialties, and reach $25,000 for Medical specialties.

Well, what is the cost of living when you study at Altınbaş University?

  1. You are in Istanbul, the largest Turkish city and the actual economic capital of Turkey. Istanbul is the most expensive city in Turkey in terms of costs of living. But living on the Asian side is slightly cheaper than the European side.
  2. You have to know dear student that Istanbul is different from all other cities of Turkey, it is a large city and its areas are considered small cities inside it. Therefore, you will not be able to completely assess the cost of living in Istanbul; you must see the area where you will live.
  3. The average cost of living for a student in a shared housing could be ranging 2000 to 2500 liras with food and drink. Indeed, this will vary according to your way of life and your other personal expenses, outings and so on.
  4. The important advantage of being in Istanbul is that you’ll be in the midst of trade, industry and business, and this will impose itself on your life, personality and opportunities to develop your skills.

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