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Cost of living invoices

By Turkey Campus November 18, 2021

We are aware that you are now asking what about the cost of invoices in Turkey as the accommodation is not just rent. So in this section, we will try to show you the outlines that will enable you to develop a general perception of your invoices.

When you receive your home from the owner, you immediately go to the electricity, water and gas companies to transfer the house invoices to your name.

This is very important to prove your stay in the dwelling and also some Turkish governmental bodies and facilities sometimes ask for a copy of any invoice you have and with your name on it so that you start to perform some services.

Transferring invoices to your name are very easy as you take a copy of the property contract from the owner with a copy of the lease between you and him and your passport and residence and a copy of any current invoice and go to the company headquarters and pay some fees which will be refunded when you leave this dwelling, which is called the insurance fee.

Firstly: Electricity

  1. Electricity providers in Turkey are private companies that buy electricity from the Turkish government and sell it to the citizen, the owner of the dwelling when built has the freedom to choose between the companies available in his area.
  2. So, you'll find that you're with an electric company and your friend in another area is with another company. And who determines is the owner of the dwelling, not you.
  3. You will find two types of electricity counters available in Turkey, one of which is invoiced and thus the company will leave you to consume as you like and at the end of the month you receive an invoice for your consumption value.
  4. The other is a card counter and all you have to do is recharging it with the value you want and start consuming and when the balance expires you will be required to recharge again.
  5. The price of electricity varies according to consumption and the number of people inside the house.
  6. For example, a dwelling consisting of a family of a father, a mother, two children and the mother does not work, and therefore the hours of operation of the television, washing machine or lights during the daytime hours are more, so, their electrical bill will not be less than 80 or 90 TL per month.
  7. However, a dwelling of four or five students, thus the rate of electricity usage is distributed 24 hours a day, their monthly bill will range from 50 to 80 TL.
  8. For further understanding of the matter, we brought you the 2017 financial price of one of Turkey's largest power distributors, especially in the capital, Ankara, Enerji SA Company.
  9. You will also notice that your consumption and charging times vary throughout the day. This is in accordance with the justice policy for distribution.

Secondly: Water

  1. Which is applied to the electricity bill is applied to the water bill.
  2. You will also find two types of counters, invoiced type and the other is with the card.
  3. But water companies will charge you for the water you consume and also the water that is used (sewage) and these to reduce wasteful consumption.
  4. Let us give you a closer view, for example, a dwelling consisting of a father, a mother, and two children, their monthly bill will not be less than 100 lira.
  5. A dwelling of four or five students will have a monthly bill of approximately 60 to 80 lira.
  6. Below, you will find the tariff of the largest distributor of water in the capital city of Ankara for the year 2017, ASCII Aski company
Tariff type (cubic meter/TL)WaterWastewaterTotal
Dwelling3.96 TL per cubic meter1.98 TL per cubic meter5.94 TL per cubic meter
Commercial10.07 TL per cubic meter5.04 TL per cubic meter15.11 TL per cubic meter

All prices do not include tax.

Thirdly: Gas

  1. The gas bill is one of the most burdensome invoices for Turkey's residents, especially in cold-weather cities, as the heating system in most of Turkey's cities is gas-powered.
  2. The gas meter is also of two types, the invoiced or the card, and there is another type, the central heating of the entire building, which we will mention later.

Your monthly consumption value is based on four main factors:

  1. The coldness of Air outside (temperature in some cities as Erzurum reaches in winter to 20 below zero)
  2. Number of dwelling rooms (e.g. two-room accommodation, salon, kitchen and bathroom will be counted)
  3. What will be heated of these rooms (sometimes the family resort to not heating the salon, bathroom, kitchen or a room of the rooms in winter)
  4. Heating times (if the house is empty in the morning, the heating will take place from the evening or upon return from work)
  5. Desired home temperature (some people would like to have a temperature of up to 22 or 23 at home and this is considered a relatively high temperature and needs more heating)
  6. The gas that is used in preparing food (this is fixed in summer and winter)

All of these things determine the value of your monthly consumption, so we cannot give figures on the value of consumption, but as an example:

  1. A Three-room apartment, two bathrooms, a large salon, and a family with children, and therefore heating must be available all day, their consumption ranges between 400 and 500 lira per month in winter in the city of Ankara and between 80 and 100 lira in the summer or after the end of the cold wave.
  2. And a dwelling of four or five students not present throughout the day and also the desired degree is not high so their consumption will range between 150 and 200 lira in winter and between 70 and 90 lira in the summer.
  3. But the difference in gas is that it has a third type, which is the central heating of the entire building, which is prevalent in residential complexes, but it is rather expensive for small families and is fairly economic for large families. This system relies on the fact that every dwelling inside the building pays a certain amount for gas-only throughout the year and in return, the heating system operates 24 hours and he adjusts the temperature that he wants. Some of the residential complexes pay this amount only eight months of the year, starting from October to May.

In the following table, you will find the gas tariff for the year 2017

Consumption ratio and typePrice per cubic meter/lira
Dwelling-Commercial-factory-etc. (0-300 thousand cubic meters consumption)1.25 Lira
Heavy Industry (301 thousand-800 thousand cubic meters)1.12 Lira

All prices include tax.

 Sometimes, the consumption is calculated in kw, so you will also find the special tariff in the following table

Consumption ratio and typeKilowatt Price /TL 
Dwelling-Commercial-factory-etc. (0-300 thousand KW consumption)0.11 lira (11 piasters)
Heavy Industry (301 thousand – 800 thousand KW)0.10 lira (10 piasters)

All prices include tax.

Fourthly: Internet

  1. Internet services in Turkey are the best, most affordable, and cheaper compared to other services.
  2. Freedom of choice is also very broad.
  3. It is not necessary to have a phone in your home; the telephone line is enough. In the absence of a telephone line, some companies provide you with a modem that does not require a telephone line.
  4. The copy of your stay document and your passport is sufficient to enter into a contract with the Internet companies.
  5. Internet service providers are not limited to telephone service providers on the contrary there are other companies and therefore better offers.

However, you should be cautious and take precautions in your contract with any company:

  1. Companies offer their services in the form of offers, and for each offer, there is an original price and a price within the offer, for example, you will buy an offer with its original price is 90 lira per month but the company offers you a contract between you for two years (24 months) in which case the offer price will be reduced from 90 to 50 lira per month. In this case, you will have to complete the contract term or you will pay the offer difference (40 Lira in this example) for each month you benefit if you wish to terminate the contract before the period mentioned therein.
  2. Modem device: The price of the modem is added to the offer, for example, the price of the device is 250 lira, 10 lira will be added per month to the value of the offer. Some companies sometimes offer the device free of charge.


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