Istanbul University

It is the longest-standing University. Sometimes, it is called the East and West University. You can imagine that Istanbul University was established in 1453 with the conquest of Istanbul.

Currently, you will study at the university that has maintained its presence among the world top 500 universities for 15 years so far.

It is the only university in Turkey to graduate two Nobel laureates: The famous writer Orhan Pamuk, a graduate from the Faculty of Communication, and Professor Aziz Sancar, a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University.

About the university and its study majors:

You have to know that Istanbul University is a governmental university accredited by the Turkish Council of Higher Education, and, of course, internationally recognized.

  1. It is the largest university in terms of scientific research number, which has reached 8,200 scientific researches so far, making it the largest university in registering patents. This is because it has an academic cadre of about 3300 academics, including professors, doctors, researchers and assistant professors.
  2. Istanbul University has 15 Faculties, 12 Scientific Institutes, 2 Higher Institutes.
  3. And also a Conservatory with a total of 290,000 undergraduates, 16,000 master’s students, and 7,000 PhD students. Thus, it is considered a city of students.

For the university majors, they are available in English and Turkish:

  1. The school of Medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.
  2. Engineering and Architecture.
  3. Business Administration.
  4. Aquatic Sciences.
  5. Divinities and others.

For the Master and Ph.D. majors, there are available in English and Turkish:

  1. Health sciences such as Medicine and Dentistry.
  2. Applied Sciences.
  3. Business Administration and others.

The university eligibility requirements vary from one program to another. For instance, in some majors, a bachelor’s degree may require tests like YOS and SAT, and some majors for graduates require exams such as GMAT and ALES, and language proficiency certificates.

The university tuition fees:

The tuition fees at Istanbul University, according to the last academic year 2019-2020 were:

  1. 17,500 Liras for the Faculty of Medicine,
  2. 7,000 Liras for the Faculties of Pharmacy and Dentistry,
  3. 4000 Liras for the Faculties of Architecture and Communication,
  4. 2,500 Liras for the Faculties of Business Administration, Theology and others,
  5. And start form 2,500 Liras for Masters and PhDs Programs.

The University Campuses:

The First Campus:

  1. Istanbul University has four campuses. The largest and most famous, in which the university presidency lies, is Beyazıt or Vaznagilar campus in the historic Al-Fatih area. The campus includes the Faculties of Pharmacy, Literature, Law, Science, Economics, Political Sciences, Aqua Sciences, Theology, Architecture and Open and Distant Education and some Postgraduate Institutes.
  2. The campus is in Al-Fatih area, and the rental prices there start from 2000 Liras for a two-room apartment and a hall. But, you can live in many areas close to there due to the ease of transportation, and the location of the campus on the T1 tramway line.

The Second Campus:

  1. The second is Çapa It includes the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine, and Institute of Oncology. It is also almost in Al-Fatih area.
  2. Transportation for the Campus is easy. In front of it, there lies the T1 tramway line. And the rental prices there start from 1600 Liras for a two-room house and a hall.

The Third Campus:

  1. The third is Avcılar It includes the Faculties of Business Administration, Transportation and Logistics, The Higher Institute of Business Administration and Economics, and The Higher Institute of Accountancy.
  2. Avcılar Metrobus line passes before the campus; this guarantees easy access to the Campus. Rental prices there start from 1,200 Liras for a two-room house in a Cihangir and in Mahallesi opposing the campus.

The Fourth Campus:

  1. It is Kadıköy Campus on the Asian side and directly on the coast, which includes the Conservatory. The area there is the most famous area for youth in Istanbul. It includes all means of transportation from the sea bus, the metro, the tram and others. Rental prices there for a two-room house and a hall start from 2200 Liras.

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