The Fifth Guide | The language of study in Turkey

The language of study in Turkey, like any country, varies according to the university and the specialization, but you will find there about 90% of the study language varies between the Turkish and English languages, and the remaining 10% is for foreign languages ​​affiliated with the Faculties of Languages, Translation, or Literature​​, or as they are called in Turkey.

The language of study in Turkey also varies depending on the universities, for example:

  1. Public universities: You will find that 70% of the studies are in Turkish language, and 20% in English.
  2. Private universities: You will find that 70% of the studies are in English, and 20% in Turkish language.

Turkey care a lot in establishing its students linguistically to help them study well and properly, and also care in spreading its language and culture through that, as it offers a preparatory year for students to obtain a diploma in the Turkish language before starting to study the specialty chosen by the student.

Not only that, but most Turkish universities offer a preparatory year for the English language as well in case you are accepted in an English specialty.

But be aware that this is only if you are accepted in a governmental university, as it provides you with the preparatory year for the Turkish or English language, but most of the private universities do not provide the preparatory year for the Turkish language.

Language in the Turkish scholarship:

  1. The scholarship provides you with a full preparatory year to learn the Turkish language and obtain a language proficiency diploma completely free of charge.
  2. But it does not provide you with a preparatory year to study the English language, so one of the conditions for admission to the scholarship is that if you apply for a major in the English language, you must have a certificate that proves your proficiency in the English language, such as: TOEFL - IELTS.

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