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What is a cookie?

Most website store a small amount of data in their user browser either on their computers or mobile devices; this data is termed a cookie. This Cookies Policy applies to cookies and all other similar technologies (henceforth together referred to as “cookies”).

Why do we use cookies and who can access them?

Having no memory of their own, web pages cannot recognize a single user as being the same across different pages in the same website. Cookies stored in the browser would enable such recognition across all the pages of a website and therefore saves you the trouble of repeated logins.

Your preferences and choices is preserved as well throughout the website– preferences may include the language or the currency you prefer and your search criteria. You and all of your preferences are also recognized when you return to the website at a later time.

All are denied access to Turkey Campus cookies except for responsible Turkey Campus personnel. Cookies inserted by third parties are accessed by their respective third parties.

What are the cookies types we have and How do we use them?

A website usually has different types of cookies implemented which can be used in different ways. Cookies can be categorized according to their function and their lifespan or according to the entity that put them on the website.

Turkey Campus uses the following cookie types:

  1. Technical cookies: They are used to create a stable and user-friendly website to better suit the needs of each user. Their functions include, but are not limited to, displaying the website properly, creating your user account, allowing you to sign in and out, managing your application and enabling the website as a whole to function correctly. These cookies are an absolute necessity for us to provide you with a functioning and efficient website.
  2. Functional cookies: These cookies are used to allow our website to remember your preferences and choices and to facilitate your surfing and usage of our website in an efficient and effective manner. Some of their functions include, but are not limited to, remembering your preferred language and currency, your searches and the universities you have viewed earlier. These cookies facilitate an easy, efficient and coherent user experience rather than being strictly necessary for the functioning of the website.
  3. Analytics cookies: These cookies are used to gain insight about the user behavior on our website, to learn about possible bugs or non-working functionalities, to optimize and develop our website ensuring that we remain interesting and relevant to the user. The data we collect using these analytics cookies are strictly anonymous meaning that your identity as well as your data are both anonymous. Such data may include – the web pages you have viewed; the referring and exit pages you have used enter and leave our website; the platforms you have been using and the date and time stamp information. We also gather data about your interaction with our website such as the number of clicks you have pressed, your mouse movements and scrolling activity, the search words you use and any text you type while surfing our website. During online advertising, analytics cookies are used to learn about the users’ interaction with an online advertisement when it is shown to them.
  4. Commercial cookies: Third-party cookies as well as Turkey Campus cookies may be used to display to you customized advertisements on our websites and other websites as well. This is termed “retargeting,” and is based on your browsing history, such as the schools you have been searching for, the ones you have already examined and the content you have surfed on our website. Third-party Commercial cookies may also be used to advertise their own services or products on our website.

What is the lifespan of our cookies?

Our cookies have a varying lifespan, the maximum being four years from your last visit to our website. However, any user may erase all cookies from their browser at any time.

How can you recognize our cookies and manage your cookie preferences?

You can control cookies (including ours) in your browser settings which you can easily customize. You can change whether the browser accepts or rejects cookies, the exact settings vary with the specific browser used. However, in case you choose to reject certain cookies, some of our website functions may not be usable. We do not otherwise recommend the “Do Not Track” settings in your browser; however, opting out of these advertising network does not prevent online advertising from being displayed to you or exempt you from marketing analysis, but rather results in delivering random irrelevant ads which are not adjusted to your web preferences or browsing history.

Does Turkey Campus use web beacons?

Turkey Campus occasionally use web beacons, originally a one-pixel image, very tiny, (modern web beacons do not have to be images though) that’s received by your computer either along with a web page request or in an HTML email message, either directly or through service providers. These images or objects are used in online advertisements either on our website or on third-party websites to learn whether a user registers (or uses a service) after being shown an online advertisement on a third party website which is called conversion tracking and to analyze browsing traffic of users to optimize our services.