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Studying Computer Engineering

Have you asked yourself how the world today has become so dependent on technology overnight? Who contributed to all this transformation that took us into a decisive technological age?

This is the primary goal of having specialization in computer engineering today. It is the bridge between the past and the developed future. As for the present, it is you. With your computer engineering study, you move from the past to the developing future at the speed of light.

Therefore, today we are talking to you about studying computer engineering in general and studying it in Turkey in particular; let's go.

Computer engineering is an applied science that keeps pace with the significant development and technological boom in all aspects of life. Computer engineering is no longer just a university discipline but a competitive advantage for anyone who wants to be knowledgeable and follow technological development.

It is a specialization based on the integration of electrical engineering and computer science. It is concerned with designing computer systems to create new and sophisticated technologies that meet ever-changing needs, in a variety of areas, including:

  1. Communication field
  2. Networking field
  3. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  4. Operating Systems and Design

Not only that, as computer engineering serves previous fields, it also pours into many applied industries, such as:

  1. Personal Computing
  2. Cars
  3. Space
  4. Computer Parts
  5. Manufacturing and Machinery
  6. The specialty of Computer Engineering also aims to prepare specialized engineers to work in the design and maintenance of various computer programs and applications, such as building networks, software, databases, Internet applications, industrial control systems, and protection systems, etc.
  7. This brings us to an essential point of controversy that computer science is very different from computer engineering. Therefore, we will try to clarify the difference between them, including their similarities and differences.

The difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science:

The listener may confuse computer science with computer engineering, believing that they are one field while they are different. They agree on things and differ in other things that we will briefly list.

Computer Science: It is a science-based process of processing, documenting, and transmitting data through a computer, securing it, and developing it scientifically.

Computer Engineering: It is a discipline that deals primarily with microscopic processes and electronic parts within computer parts on which it mainly relies upon when working to process and transmit data.

  1. The similarities between them:
  2. The two disciplines deal firmly with data, but each in its way.
  3. Many sciences overlap in the study of these two disciplines.
  4. The difference between them:
  5. Computer science deals with complex algorithms and data, while computer engineering deals with electronics and data represented by parts of the computer itself.
  6. Computer science deals with the various programming processes, while computer engineering deals with electronics physics.
  7. Computer science is concerned with translating, processing, and securing data, while computer engineering is concerned with assembling computer parts to activate it.

After clarifying the difference between them by mentioning the similarities and differences, we find that the two sciences complement each other. Each supports the other, but one relies on encrypted data, and the other depends on electronic circuits and very precise tools configured to process this data.

  1. Computer Engineering Departments:
  2. Computer Science
  3. Computer Systems
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Information Technology
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Network Engineering

Subjects for this discipline:

It is known that the curricula and educational content may differ according to several factors, including the country, language, university, etc.

But we will list to you the most popular curricula for this major each year. Still, you should know that this discipline includes subjects divided into compulsory subjects, optional subjects, and basic specialization subjects, whether they are compulsory or optional, as follows:

  1. Compulsory subjects: Subjects imposed by the university on all students in their various disciplines so that subjects are compulsory to study and attend their examinations, such as Sociology, Humanities, and Language Basics.
  2. Elective subjects: They are also subjects selected by the university for students in various disciplines, but the difference is that the student has the right to choose between the subjects nominated for him.
  3. Specialized subjects: They are specialized subjects related to computer engineering, some of which are general and elective, such as Physics, Engineering Drawing, Statistics, etc.

And some of them are compulsory; they are subjects directly related to computer science, such as Principles of Statistics, Electrical Circuits, and Electronic Physics.

As for the specialization subjects, they are:

  1. Principles of Statistics - Calculus and Integration - Engineering Mathematics.
  2. General Physics - Electrical Circuits - Electrical Circuits Laboratory.
  3. Analysis of Electromagnetic Signals and Systems - Electronics - Communications Laboratory.
  4. Digital Logic Lab - Assembly Language and Microprocessors - Computer Applications.
  5. Design of Microprocessor Systems - Embedded Systems - Embedded Systems Laboratory.
  6. Computer Organization - Problem Solving by Object-oriented programming - Computer Networks.
  7. Computer Networks Laboratory - Computer Design - Digital Electronics - Network and Internet Programming.

The duration of studying this specialty:

  1. The duration of studying Computer Engineering in general and in Turkey, in particular, is four years. However, some Turkish universities provide a preparatory year for the language you want to study, whether Turkish or English.
  2. If you decide to study a prior year, the number of study years will increase to five years.

And such universities, Ostim Technical University, provides a preparatory year for study and provides the entire specialization in the English language. And as is customary, it leaves the choice in the end to the student.

  1. This is also due to the number of hours required to graduate from this department in general.

Practical and field training:

Universities provide practical and applied training for all theoretical studies that the student undergoes during his university period for this major.

One of the most important universities that are keen to provide practical training and help its students participate in prominent national projects to contribute to developing their scientific and practical skills and qualify them to enter the labor market with full strength is Ostim Technical University.

It strives with all its strength to give its students sufficient experience through many training and applications for all theories they passed through during their studies.

It even helps its students strongly to get a prestigious job and prepares them to face the labor market and enter it steadily and correctly. It arranges practical training for them in the most critical national companies during their study period. And with their academic excellence, they can get solid and vital job opportunities in the best companies interested in Computing, Computer Engineering, and development technology.

The rate of excellence in this discipline:

The specialization of Computer Engineering is one of the disciplines with a solid and influential future for its owner. As we mentioned earlier, every day passes shows us out of nowhere a new technological solution. This age of technology strongly needs many computer and software engineers to keep pace with this rapid development.

Therefore, computer engineers have a secure, qualified future that is almost indispensable to the labor market, especially if this market needs many technological tools.

Qualities of distinguished Computer engineer:

Attending the Computer engineering profession is one of the most desirable professions in the labor market, and students of this specialization have many skills and ingredients; we will mention them to you in general:

  1. Academic qualifications:
  2. Good level in Mathematics and Physics.
  3. Good level in the English language.
  4. Having an acceptable academic percentage.
  5. Having High technical skills and teamwork.
  6. Having routine and office work skills.
  7. Personal skills:
  8. Logical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.
  9. Analytical skills, creativity and innovation.
  10. The ability to handle micro-electronic devices.
  11. Self and continuous learning skill.
  12. The ability to keep abreast of technology and constant updates.

This is the first way to achieve excellence in this field, and whoever wants to reach, must seek it. These skills are not difficult to acquire; all you have to do is continue training day by day to get the required level.

And we never underestimate the importance of academic performance; you have to try to get the academic courses needed to develop your skills, do not just rely on university lessons.

Benefits of studying this discipline:

Studying any discipline benefits its student, and we will list some of them now:

  1. The presence of many companies specialized in computer engineering.
  2. Many job opportunities are available in some technologically advanced countries.
  3. It helps the student to develop his scientific and personal skills, as his study depends on some of the individual skills that the student must-have. And through this study, he will build his skills.
  4. The computer engineer contributes directly and significantly to technological development through the development and programming of devices.
  5. The computer engineer is involved in all areas of computing, from designing microprocessors to creating a complete computer.

Fields of work for graduates of the specialization:

The field of computer engineering is like a vast sea, it has many specializations and jobs; we will mention to you the most critical jobs available in this field:

  1. Software Developer
  2. Computer Engineer
  3. Programmer
  4. Technical Support
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Technology-related Projects Manager
  7. Computer Game Designer

A computer engineer works in planning, design and implementation in the following areas:

  1. Electronic printing (texts and graphics).
  2. Cohesion of computers in control, measurement and sensing applications.
  3. Computer-controlled transportation systems.
  4. Designing control systems, electronic services and smart systems.
  5. Design of databases.
  6. Web-design.
  7. Design and development of computer programs.
  8. Telecommunication sector.
  9. Computer systems and digital circuits.
  10. Silicon chips and microcontrollers.
  11. Security and protection of computer networks and data.
  12. Mobile applications.
  13. Digital signal processing.

The world’s most famous Computer engineers:

  1. Tim Bernersley: He is the founder of the World Wide Web and is currently the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which oversees the ongoing development of the Internet.
  2. Larry Page: He developed the popular search engine Google in partnership with Sergey Brin.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg: He is the developer of the largest social networking site ‘Facebook.’
  4. Bill Gates: He is the founder and former CEO of Microsoft.
  5. Elon Musk: He founded several huge companies around the world, such as SpaceX.

Studying Computer Engineering in Turkey:

  1. Studying Computer Engineering at private universities in Turkey is one of the things available to international students, as it does not set impossible conditions; it is sufficient to have a high school diploma at a minimum rate of 50%, in addition to the English language proficiency certificate, or attending an English or Turkish preparatory year.
  2. One of the most famous private universities in this field is Ostim Technical University, which offers a major entirely in the English language and provides practical training to its students, as well as a preparatory year for the English language for non-holders of any international language certificate.

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