İzmir Katip Çelebi

The dream of studying in Turkey is the most powerful goal for many students and scholars, therefore, Turkey Campus Foundation seeks to turn this dream into reality, and for this we present to you a series about the study in Turkey, through which we will provide you with all the basic information about the study and universities, represented in: The university location, the available majors in both languages ​​(English / Turkish), admission requirements, how to apply, the cost of living, housing prices in the city, the distance of the city or its proximity to Istanbul or Ankara.

At Turkey Campus, we try to help you not only in applying to universities, but also in guaranteeing you admission.

Our journey today in the Turkish universities starts from the city of Izmir, the bride of Turkey or the bride of Agha Sea, where we accompany you on a tour in the University of "İzmir Katip Çelebi".

Izmir is considered the third largest city in Turkey, and the third largest scientific city after Istanbul and Ankara, and it also has the largest export port in Turkey, so it is considered an industrial and tourist city at the same time.

Features and specialties:

The most important thing that distinguishes the university is that it is the only university that includes specializations taught in English language, such as:

  1. Dental specialty
  2. Engineering majors, such as: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, Gas and Petroleum Engineering, and finally Materials Engineering.
  3. Social sciences majors, such as: Economics, Public Administration, Political Science, and Tourism Management.

The rest of the available disciplines are only taught in the Turkish language, such as: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry (the Turkish branch), Nursing, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Nutrition, Agronomy, Sociology, International Relations, and other various disciplines.

For postgraduate students, there are Master’s degrees in English in the following majors: Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Energy Engineering, and Tourism Management. The rest of the available majors are taught in the Turkish language.

For the Ph.D., there are available specializations in English, such as: Material Science Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Urban Transformation, and Tourism Management. The rest of the available majors are taught in the Turkish language.

Admission conditions:

The admission conditions to the university are very easy, especially as the university accepts any high school certificate without requiring any of the Turkish exams, such as: YOS or SAT (but it is preferable to have one of them, this increases your acceptance rate to the university).

  1. Applying professionally to the university.
  2. Arranging your papers.
  3. No errors in your file.

All of this increases your acceptance rate, and by applying with Turkey Campus you will guarantee that and more.

The university tuition fees:

With the beginning of the academic year 2020, the fees of seats at the university changed, and they start from:

  1. $200 for Literary majors.
  2. $300 for Engineering.
  3. $2300 for Pharmacy.
  4. $3500 for Dentistry.
  5. $3600 for Medicine.

Of course, these numbers differ according to the price of the Lira against the Dollar.

Rental prices in Izmir start from 80 Liras and reach 1,500 Liras monthly, for a two-room house. The rental prices vary according to the region, but this only concerns the area surrounding the university.

The living costs as a student range from 1500 to 2000 Liras, and this also varies according to your way of living.

Our journey ended today at the University of İzmir Katip Çelebi, do not forget to follow the rest of articles in the series to learn about the most important universities in Turkey, and if you dream of studying in Turkey, Apply now!

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