Marmara University

In 1883, it was called Hamidiye School of Commerce. It was a small school behind the Istanbul High School for Girls in Cağoğlu in Istanbul. At that time, it was affiliated with the Ministry of Mines, Agriculture and Forestry. In 1889 it joined the Ministry of Education.

In 1889, it became affiliated to the Ministry of Education. In 1959, it became known as the Istanbul Economic and Commercial Sciences Academy. In1983 it changed to its current name, Marmara University.

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan graduated from it. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

The former Turkish Minister of National Defense, Ismet Yılmaz also graduated from it. Also, Ahmed Dawood Oglu, former Turkish Prime Minister, studied there at the Department of International Relations. The former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who was Before Merkel, received an honorary Ph.D. degree from it.

About the University and its Specializations:

Around 70 .000 students study at Marmara University, including:

  1. 45.000 undergraduate students, who receive education from more than 3 thousand academics-- professors, doctors, assistant professors and lecturers having 825 published scientific research.

Marmara University has 13 Faculties, 9 Vocational Institutes, and 31 research centers, which gives you many options of study programs, so you can choose between:

  1. 231 Bachelor programs
  2. 527 Masters and PhD programs

If we were to talk about the university’s facilities, it has:

  1. Hospitals, playgrounds, university housing, and the scientific, sports and technical teams that you can participate in.
  2. The student exchange programs, it has the best and strongest one in the world which is Erasmus + program with a total of 655 enrollment opportunities, the Farapi program with 106 opportunities, and the Mevlana program with 37 opportunities.
  3. The University has 433 computer labs beside the library that contains 3 and a half million electronic books, and 71 thousands journal and academic search engines. They are available for free, which is great if you but knew.

The Majors and Study Programs at Marmara University:

First, it is the only university where you will find undergraduate and postgraduate programs in four languages: Turkish, English, French and German.

  1. The School of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry, in English.
  2. Departments of Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Materials and Metallurgy Engineering.
  3. Departments of Social Science such as Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Sociology and many others.
  4. You can also study Business Administration and Business Informatics in German.

For the Master and Ph.D. Degrees:

The disciplines are numerous and interdisciplinary, but let me tell you that Marmara University has almost all disciplines, whether for masters or Ph.D. degrees, for Medical disciplines in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, as well as Engineering and Social science.

The University Campus:

Marmara University has 7 campuses in Istanbul between the European and Asian sides:

The first campus is, Acıbadem:

It has the Faculty and Postgraduate Institute of Fine Arts. This campus is in the area of Acıbadem in Üsküdar. The rental prices of the apartments exactly next to the campus start from 2,500 liras.

If you go under the metro line in the other side, you will find prices starting from 1,600 liras per month.

The second Campus is, Anadoluhisarı:

It includes the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences. The campus is on the coast.

You will not find many rental apartments exactly beside the campus, but beside it above a little, you will find an area called, Kavacık Mohallah, and the rental prices there start from 2,500 liras.

The third campus is, Bağlarbaşı:

It has the Faculty of Theology. The Campus is in Üsküdar region, and in front of it, exactly exists the Bağlarbaşı metro station.

Housing prices there in front of the university in an area called Barbaros Mohallah start from 1,600 liras for a two-room apartment.

The fourth and largest is, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Külliyesi (Başıbüyük) Campus:

It has the School of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, the Postgraduate Institute of Health Sciences, the Postgraduate Institute of Oncology and other institutes.

This Campus is the largest, it is built on an area of ​​2.600.000 m2 and located in Ataşehir district. It is near the Bostanci metro station, the M4 metro line.

For housing, you will find the rental prices in front of the university start from 1,200 liras for a two-room apartment.

The fifth campus is, Göztepe:

It includes the Ataturk Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Literature, Engineering, Economics, Communication, Law, the Postgraduate Institute of Social Science and others.

The Campus is located in Kadıköy region, and close to the metro station.

The housing prices there start from 2,200 liras for a two-room apartment.

The sixth Campus is, Kartal:

It has the Technical Institute of Health Sciences. The campus is in Kartal region.

The housing there is somewhat cheap, so it is possible to find the rental prices there starting from 1000 liras for a two-room apartment.

The Seventh and Last Campus:

All the aforementioned was in the Asian part except Sultan Ahmed Campus; which is the seventh and last Campus. It is located in the European part.

It has the Postgraduate Institute of Research on Islam and the Middle East Countries, the Institute of Islamic Economics, the Institute of International Cities and Istanbul Research.

The Campus is in front of Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Ayasofya museum. It is considered within the tourist area, and of course the housing options there will be very few. But you can live in many areas nearby due to the ease of access to the Fatih area.

The Tuition Fees:

The tuition fees for 2019 academic year are:

  1. 30,000 liras for the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. 28,000 liras for Dentistry and Pharmacy.
  3. About 10,200 liras for the rest of medical specialties.
  4. 4,500 liras for Engineering departments.
  5. And the rest of the disciplines start from 3500 liras

The Tuition of Masters and PhD degrees:

  1. For medical disciplines, such as Master’s and Ph.D. in Dental disciplines cost 30 thousand liras.
  2. The rest of the medical disciplines cost only 4,500 liras.
  3. All other disciplines range from 5,000 to 6,000 liras.

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