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TED University is affiliated with the long-standing Turkish Education Association (TED). It is the oldest foundation in the field of Primary Education, as it owns Turkish most famous group of schools of all educational levels.

TED University is distinguished with its academic staff, who all hold Masters and PhD degrees from the world's best universities.

TED University is affiliated with the Turkish Council of Higher Education and thus accredited locally and in Europe.

University majors:

Many majors are taught in English at TED University, such as:

  1. Engineering Departments, such as Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Architecture.
  2. This also applies to the Departments of Social Sciences, such as Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and International Relations.
  3. TED University is considered the only private university in Ankara whose Departments of the Faculty of Education are taught in the English, such as Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Mathematics Education, Guidance, and Psychological Counseling.
  4. Its faculty of Arts and Sciences includes Departments of Mathematics, Sociology, Psychology, and English Language and its Literature.

Masters degrees are available at TED University in English, such as:

  1. The Masters of Architecture, Mechatronics, Applied Data Science, Interactive Computing and Information Systems, and other majors that are only available at TED University.

A very important point that distinguishes the university is the strength of the European student exchange program Erasmus+, as the university has scientific partnerships with the most powerful European universities in Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Greece and many others.

And this gives you the opportunity to study a complete semester in one of these universities.

The Tuition fees:

  1. The Tuition fees at TED University for an academic year start from $7,000 and reach $ 9,000
  2. Applying through Turkey Campus qualifies you for Scholarships up to 75%.
  3. Turkey Campus is an accredited agent at the university in the field of education and consultations. We can provide our students with a scholarship at the university, and the annual tuition fees can reach $2250 only annually.

The cost of living:

  1. It is always known that capitals have high cost of living. Surprisingly, Ankara is one of the cheapest large cities in Turkey.
  2. The three largest scientific and industrial cities in Turkey are Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Ankara is the cheapest one regarding the cost of living.
  3. Rental prices of a two-room apartment in Ankara start from 700 Liras, depending on the area where you will live.
  4. What distinguishes Ankara is that it has four metro lines linking the whole city, and a very large bus network, and of course, at a reduced price for students.
  5. The cost of living in a shared housing in Ankara, including eating and drinking could reach 1,000 Liras monthly. Indeed this varies according to your lifestyle and personal expenses.

About the capital, Ankara:

  1. Staying in the capital will facilitate for you, as a student, your legal and official matters as it has all the Ministries and Authorities. Besides, Ankara is the second industrial city in Turkey.
  2. Ankara is 5 hours away from Istanbul by car, 7 hours by bus, 4 hours by train and one hour by plane.
  3. It costs about 80 liras by bus, 65 liras by train, and about 90 liras by plane as there is a flight for Istanbul every hour from its international airport.

And as your future matters to us, contact us to reserve your academic seat at TED University. Trust that Turkey Campus is the best place for consultancy and educational advice in Turkey. It provides you with information honestly and professionally and helps you step by step from the beginning of your application until guaranteeing your university acceptance, arrival in Ankara, and your settlement. Apply now!

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